Monday, 27 June 2011

Hand-carved stamps - collection part 1

I've been hooked on carving stamps the last months! Just couldn't stop myself! Luckily I've been calmed down (my rubber carving block stash is almost empty, too: this helped me!)

Here are some of them  - yes I've made more! twice more in fact... silly me ;p

designs from Japanese craft books & by me


  1. I love them. Like you I am a bit obsessed with carving rubber stamps. I really like making them into stickers too. You could do that too and you would enjoy sticking them to everything and getting the pleasure of seeing your work everywhere. HAve fun!

  2. very cute! I'm kind of on a stamp making spree right now too. I was looking around for ideas when I stumbled across yours. You definitely have a great collection going. :D