Thursday, 2 May 2013

Upcycling - Vitamin pills container

After the little jam jars, the vitamin pills tubes! Just paint them, decorate them with ribbons, stickers, everything you want and put your little gifts inside! I put some letters for my crafts friends inside. Lovely simple easy-made surprise, isn't it?

Upcycled decorated Easter/Spring little jars

Finally, it is truly Spring now. I can wake up from my long long nap ;D These are little jars I decorated to offer for Easter. I wanted to make something easy, simple, colourful, charming, in a "spring mood" and to upcycle these lovely little jars. They were perfect tu put some tiny gifts inside!

Which one is your fav?

Thursday, 28 February 2013

new Super Mario crocheted phone case - free pattern crochet indications for the apple iphone5 basic case

My Sweetheart got a new phone, so he also needed a new phone case. He doesn't want any other kind of phone case now ;D He chooses the colours and the Super Mario Turtle motif and I find the result sweet! and very practical! This kind of crocheted cases are easily made (except the motif: it is always a mess with the threads!), they're quickly crocheted and very resistant. This case is great for an apple iphone5 for example. A variegated cotton thread is great for such cases.

If you want to make a similar one, just a few quick indications for the pattern (without motif) :

*** Apple Iphone5 crocheted basic case ***

1* - chain 20 with a 2.25mm crochet hook (USA: 1/B, UK:13). I find it better to choose a cotton thread (for upholding and durability). You will work in rows (not spiral)

2* - chain one; *single crochet in every loop* in the 19 first chains. Single crochet 3 times in the 20th loop. *single crochet in every other side of the loops* in the 19 next stitches. Single crochet 3 times in the 40th loop. Slip stitch in the first chain.

3* -chain one; crochet in the back loops of the stitches only, all around. Slip stitch in the first chain at the end of the row. You'll have 44 stitches around.

4* -go on with rows. Check after a few rows if the size is correct for you phone: make a few more or less chains at the basic chain at the beginning to adapt the size (the size may vary depending of the tension of your thread and fingers). Make as many rows as you need to cover the whole phone. I love to make a little strip with  a snaps fastener at the top of the case. I sometimes add a large strip at the back (sewn or with snaps fastener) to attach the case to a belt (for work for example).


The new case with an old one made with a wool/acrylic blend (for HTC Desire)

Monday, 11 February 2013

Waiting for Spring (hand made pouch)

I don't like Winter, especially the first months of the year. I wanted to sew a little something. I embroidered a little edelweiss on a piece of dotted fabric and then sewed a little pouch. A true little piece of Spring: don't you think so? ;D

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