Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Very easy tasty self made mint tea bags

Last Summer, I grew some Morocco mint. I picked up the prettiest leaves and made them dry. I made then some nice tea bags for this Winter: it is pretty, practical and so tasty! It is really easy to make, you can make them with your children. Amazing for dinners at home and afternoons with friends or as a gift (store them in a nice tin box, in a clean jam jar - as I did - or in a pretty cello or paper bag)

 To make the tea bags, I used :

- dry leaves (loose tea, mint, lime tea, everything you want)
- tea filters (coffee filters or sterile gauze are fine too)
- organic natural cotton thread (or food thread)
- punch paper (I used a stamp-shaped one but a heart-shaped one could be lovely for example)
- nice colourful cardboard
- stapler