Friday, 10 August 2012

Hello Kitty with Duck Costume Amigurumi

How could Hello Kitty be more kawaii, cute & funny? We had a lot of laugh my Sweetheart & I the first time we looked at this strange doll. It was the first time I sew an amigurumi & this was 2 years ago :D half joking, half serious, my Sweetheart asked me to learn to crochet to make it. & months later, I begun learning to make my first amigurumis. I made quite a lot since, but I've never tried to make this, it was like it was unachievable, untouchable. But, this year, for my Sweetheart Birthday, I decided to realise it, at last. And it was a successful gift <3

PS: ignore the cat hair on some pics; it was hard to keep the cat away from this irresistible kitty ;)